Providing strategic planning for your team or facilitation for your upcoming meeting.

As consultants and trainers we specialize in visual and active facilitation that helps groups to overcome complexity and experience "ah ha" moments.

What you can expect from us.

Experience your ‘ah ha’ moment

We use visuals and active facilitation to overcome complexity and get you to your ‘ah ha’ moment.


Receive a custom experience

You can expect a plan made just for you. To align with your strategy and culture, we know a cookie cutter plan won’t cut it.

Collaboration—it’s a team effort

We want you to be co-creators in the process! Your input helps us shape a solution to fit your exact problem.


Keep the tools we recommend from our consulting

As a gift to you, the tools we use from our library are yours to continue putting to use.

Are you ready to build an effective meeting or take your team to the next level? Let’s get started!


1. Schedule a free consultation by phone or face to face

Don’t worry, there are no hidden costs. Our first conversation is always free.


2. Complete a quick assessment

During your free consultation, we will walk you through an assessment to analyze your needs.


3. We will point you in the right direction

We will direct you to the support, tools and guidance you need to facilitate your next meeting or building a strategic plan for your team.

Stacy is one of the best meeting facilitators I’ve ever met. She took the time to understand the organization in-depth at a level that impressed and surprised me. She showed empathy for the groups varying positions, in a way that helped all members see the bigger picture. She introduced new frameworks that helps us organize our thoughts. And she tied all of that together with substance, style and humor. It really felt like Stacy was part of our team, not just an outside facilitator.
— Andy Stoll

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