Who is SWIM?


At See What I Mean, we love to see groups make progress towards their goals and dreams. It gives us a thrill to watch a team ignite their vision and throw themselves into an ambitious plan to change their company or even the world.

After spending our careers in positions where we helped to lead and support teams and collaborations, we know that sometimes groups flail, struggle and wear themselves out (meeting after meeting after meeting) before they get to the progress. Our work is designed to help you minimize the fog that all organizations experience from time to time, and bring clarity to your efforts.

We come to this work honestly, having made the mistakes ourselves while stumbling across the breakthroughs. After years of leading our own organizations and consulting with dozens of clients, we’ve decided to document our learnings and practices. See What I Mean is our platform to help accelerate the progress of organizations and businesses doing important work in the world.



Stacy Van Gorp, Ph.D.

Stacy Van Gorp, Ph.D. is a self-described organizational strategy and innovation geek. For nearly 20 years Stacy has provided consulting services in strategic planning, innovation, research, and program design. She loves helping people with through complexity, dilemmas and opportunities. Her research interests include the role of trust in accelerating innovation. Previously, Stacy served as the leader of a private foundation aimed at inspiring young people. Before that she worked in higher education, nonprofit leadership, fundraising and youth services.

Her mission is to connect the people, resources, and ideas to change the world. See What I Mean is the manifestation of that mission.

We live in a moment where ideas and products, tools and even resources are plentiful, but most of us struggle to find what we need, just when we need it. Sometimes we even struggle to know what we need. I see my role as helping organizations make the connections they need, just when they need it so that they CAN change the world. I am honored to be part of the transformational story of so many organizations, and I would love to help you too.
— Stacy


Stephanie Clohesy

Stephanie Clohesy has led, managed and advised hundreds of social sector organizations in her 45 year career. Along the way she has consistently invented new ways of thinking, planning and organizing and eventually started to develop tools to assist her staff and/or clients. She is the founder of Clohesy Consulting.


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