Deal Breakers Game and Guide + Coaching/Support from the Creators

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Deal Breakers Game and Guide + Coaching/Support from the Creators


This unique game and guide helps funders to explore interpersonal and systemic dynamics that accelerate the success of some grantseekers while inhibiting others.

The personas were developed using user-experience methods based on conversations with grantseekers. Personas help us better understand patterns of grantseekers' strengths, goals, and challenges. They also detail how grantseekers perceive funders and the levels of trust they exhibit for institutional philanthropy. Knowing more about grantseeker mindsets can help funders better meet the needs of each group.

The game fundamentally urges players to ask who am I more and less open to?  Why? What are the consequences? And, ultimately, how do I or my organization need to change to be more open?

A dozen funders in Iowa and a few more across the country experimented with these tools and have found them very helpful to accelerating their work with grantseekers.

These tools, designed to explore transparency and strategic openness have been an effective on-ramp to moving into discussions about DEI, power-sharing and trust. 

Receive 2 sets of Deal Breakers game cards, and a guide to understanding the research behind the game, based on a year of deep conversations and surveys with hundreds of grantseekers.

With this package you’ll have the opportunity to talk with game’s inventor and receive a coaching video-call before or after playing the game. The time will be designed to help you gain new insights and develop action steps. Up to two hour of coaching.

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